Carolyn Wheeler

Nature Artist Carolyn Wheeler

Carolyn Wheeler is a nature artist from Marin County whose work has evolved from her early career as an archaeologist. Her interest in the intersection of science and art inspired her to create several new artistic processes. Her current series, Dorée Nature, is the unique result of those efforts.

Carolyn’s background includes years of field research in Belize for the University of Wisconsin and in Guatemala with the University of Missouri. She also worked on projects in Belize and Brazil for the Earthwatch organization. She studied Sociology at the University of Southern California and Anthropology at the College of Marin. Her collaborative work, “Uncovering the Past,” became the textbook for the College of Marin archaeology curriculum.

Carolyn Wheeler’s art has been exhibited at galleries and art centers in both Northern California and Hawaii. She lives in Belvedere, California, and continues to be inspired by her travels with her daughter Danielle.

Artist Statement

I am fascinated by the origins of life, the evolution of the natural world and the development of human cultures. My early work in archaeology and subsequent years as an artist have led me on a unique path. In my current series, Dorée Nature, I combine images created from historical archives with precious metals. Resins seeped from coniferous trees become ripples on glass, their patterns created by the sun and wind.

There is a fundamental pleasure in working with natural subjects- it requires both sides of the brain. The precision of exacting detail has to surrender to the messy, uncertain cooperation of nature. Working this way is both challenging and satisfying. I always keep the final image simple in design and realistic in style. If I have done my work well, the effect should be immediate. I want the beauty of each piece to evoke genuine pleasure and perhaps even renew a sense of awe.

Contact:    415-297-9598