About The Work

THE ARTISTRY OF DORÉE NATURE At present, all Dorée Nature (nature in gold) works are created on 11″x14″ sheets of hand sanded glass. Each image is created upside down with a ‘reverse process’ of layering gels, inks, varnish and precious metals. The final image is revealed only after the last step is completed and the glass is turned over. Due to the transparent nature of both glass and the mediums, light will penetrate each image and reflect back from the final layers of gold and silver. Dorée Nature works make no political statement and need no interpretation. They are created because the subjects are beautiful and by the very contemplation of them I have been comforted, my heart lifted, my mind enlightened. I am deeply gratified when my work can do the same for others.
THE ARTISTRY OF NATURE It was roughly 3.5 billion years ago when life first appeared on the surface of our planet. It is miraculous to think that this ancient energy was in fact the common ancestor of us all. And while evolution has produced millions of masterpieces in that great expanse of time, many of the simplest are overlooked and others forgotten. These are the ones that intrigue me the most. As artists we can not expect to improve on nature. We can, however, incorporate nature’s inspiration, refashion the emotion it elicits in us and create a humble offering in return.
THE ARTISTRY OF MANKIND The Caves of Lascaux were totally dark when those first few Paleolithic hunters ventured inside over 17,000 years ago. What eery magic inspired them to take up pigment and brush to decorate the walls by flickering torchlight? For thousands of years they returned to these dark recesses for the sole purpose of expressing this most fundamental need: to manifest outwardly that which is manifest within. They painted to celebrate their connection to nature and to life outside the self. Today these artistic wonders continue to inspire us to reconnect with each other, to respect and honor our mutual origins. They convey an appreciation for life that reminds us all to do the same – to see all life as family, unique yet integrated, every part worthy of respect and every connection necessary for survival.

Gratitude to Norbert Aujoulat (1946-2011) and to Elena Man-Estier for the unique permission to use his work. Conservatrice du Patrimoine, Centre National de Préhistoire Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Direction Générale des Patrimoines, Sous-direction de l’Archéologie 9/17/12